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So last week I was lusting over the website Boutique of Molly at all their gorgeous clothing, when I stumbled onto the blazers and jackets section of the website and fell in love! Yes that's right, I fell in love with a blazer!!! On Friday of last week I ordered from them and I could not believe it arrived at about 11am on the Saturday, which is just amazing! The customer service of Boutique of Molly is amazing (honestly they were probably sick of seeing my emails popping up!), I am that awkward person that finds it impossible to order clothes online and not have to fiddle about with sending it back and forth to find my perfect size. I must have sent these guys emails constantly back and forth since Wednesday and they were super nice and helped me out by asking what items I was looking at, my dress size and body shape and they went through each item I was looking at and told me the exact sizes that would be best and why (for example I was looking at a dress as well as this blazer and they suggested trying the size 14 as it was more structured in the bust and I have a bigger bust so that was extremely helpful!). 

Now I've never had a dark coloured blazer, but once I clapped eyes on this navy one I couldn't stop thinking about it! I got the Arabelle Gold Studded Shoulder Blazer Navy for just £26.95, they were kind enough to give me 30% off to try it (as a student any discount is always nice!). This baby is navy, full length sleeved blazer. The best part of this blazer is the details, it has (what looks to me like) rose gold studs on the shoulders as well as some studs on the sleeve which is such a cute little detail!

It is such a good quality blazer and it fits perfectly, normally I tend to fit awkward fits on the tops of my arms which leave me having to get the size up. I ironed this after receiving it (like anything I receive in the post) and had no problems with the ironing of it. I am currently in love with this blazer as it fits with my feminine chic style with a little bit of edginess from the studs. 

I thought I would show you guys how I styled up my blazer to give you guys some ideas!

Danielle Levy

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