All Buttered Up!

Hello my names Danielle and I don't moisturise my body as often as I should!!

Who else is with me on this one?! I know I'm not completely alone on it. I am really bad for not putting body lotion on after a shower which is partially due to the fact that it takes you about a year to put jeans on after you've moisturised, anyone felt this pain?! That being said I still have a collection of body lotions with the intention of each new one being the one that I use after every shower and I've treated myself to a new one that I have become obsessed with and I can't be the only one that is absolutely in love with these body butters!

Yes that right, it's The Body Shop body butters! Now I seem to have a bit of a love hate relationship with the body shop being that I absolutely love the products and the quality is just amazing but as a student I hate the prices as sometimes it can get a little bit expensive in there. However I recently found out that they have a card that you pay £5 for a year and you get 10% percentage off every time you shop for a year as well as gifts on your birthday as well as £5 and £10 off depending on how many times you shop there, so you basically get the money back of the card in your birthday gift!

As you can probably tell I picked up the cocoa butter scent and I really only picked it up because I had gone to buy my mum some bits for her birthday, smelt it and fell in love. I only put it back because at £13 it's a little on the pricey side for a student but as I paying and saying how nice it smelt the lovely sales assistant (I completely forget her name) told me I had a 'free' £5 to spend as well as the 10% so she managed to convince me to get it (it didn't really much convincing did it?!).

I'm not sure about the other body butters in the range but the cocoa butter version offers 24 hour hydration, it is marketed for 'very dry skin' although I don't have very dry skin and I still love the feeling of my skin after I've applied this! Now I prefer to put this on after I've had a shower/bath at night as then it really sinks in overnight and you will find your skin is so soft the next day that you can't stop touching your arms! I also love that the next day you smell so good as well, all you can smell is the body butter that you don't even need to wear perfume because you smell of cocoa butter but not in an overwhelming way but a subtle scent that then wears off towards the end of the day. It's also perfect for moisturising before you apply fake tan!

Whenever you apply this it feels so luxurious as it's a thicker cream (think semi-soft butter texture, in the nicest possible way!) which sinks straight into your skin without leaving you feeling feeling greasy or like you can't do anything for an hour after you apply it. With scents I find that depending on the product it can sometimes end up not smelling cheap but something just not smelling right, however this smells what I imagine cocoa to smell like, it is quite a sweet scent so if you're not a big fan of sweet scents I would recommend going into store to smell it before you get it!

I love it so much I'm very tempted to go back and get the hand lotion for the autumn/winter time, as I just think the scent and everything will be perfect for that time of year. To sell you even more on it, it's even made with community fair trade cocoa butter from Ghana! 

If you want to get your hands on some, you can pick it up here.

Danielle Levy

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