Magnitone Lucid Facial Cleansing Brush Review

As I am starting to edge towards my mid-twenties I've begun to realise that whilst I was a teenager I may not have had really acne prone skin but it was far from perfect and as a teenager I can honestly say I was never great with my skincare routine....I know there are few guilty faces behind those screens that were the same as me!! 

Now any of you guys that follow the beauty world hypes will know that these electronic facial cleansing brushes have been all over the beauty world ever since the Clarisonic Sonic facial cleansing brush surfaced! I don't know about you but as a student I certainly can't afford to put down £100+ for something that might make my skin better, anyone else with me?!

 I've battled with my skin for years ever since I started getting spots. I sometimes would have great skin but sometimes (and always at the worst time) I felt like my skin hated me and I completely broke out all over my face. No matter how regular I washed my face and was regimented with my skincare routine it didn't seem to make any difference, I've kind of come to think maybe any of the face washes I've used haven't really gotten into my skin and worked on the problem at a deeper level....even the ones that have claimed to do it!

I was doing a dangerous thing back in January....surfing on the Superdrug website after spending far too much time without my head out of my nursing books. When I first got on the site I saw these beautiful summer inspired cleansing brushes on special offer, so mental note made to get one I may have slightly forgotten about them right up until student loan came in (yes I know it's suppose to be towards university supplies and I spend the rest on bits for uni, but I reasoned with myself as a nurse my patients see my face everyday all day so they might as well have a less spotty nurse to look at!). So I went off in search of these brushes and was navigated to the Magnitone website and was lucky enough that they had a special offer on £20 off their Lucid brushes and I picked up this little beauty for £49.99.

One thing that really convinced me to get one is a 7-day promise for softer, clearer, brighter skin. Something as you can imagine was extremely appealing for me seen as I have two weddings in July which include a lot of photo ops! I thought I would try a diary style review over the next 7 days that I will write exactly what is going on with my skin!

Day 0 ~ Before I've even used the magnitone I thought I'd give you guys the quick low-down on my skin. At the moment I am getting spots on my chin, forehead and weirdly between my eyebrows. For the past couple of weeks I've been getting these dry, flaky patches on the apple areas of my cheeks. The rest of my face is generally okay, its not overly dry or affected by spots or blackheads.

Day 1 ~ I've used it this evening in the shower and I can notice immediately that my face feels softer! The little dry, flaky areas on the apples of my cheeks aren't as dry and are certainly not flaky but you can still feel that texture dry skin has underneath, hopefully regular use with help rid me of that. The blemishes on my chin seem less inflamed and red. The redness on my forehead has also improved. So far so good!!

Day 2 ~ I used it tonight over the sink, I've come to find I like using it of an evening as I feel like I'm getting all the days grime out of my skin! The little dry patches on my cheeks seem to be disappearing with regular use of the Magnitone. I have noticed some mini-spots appearing, which Magnitone have said can happen as you are clearing your skin from the bottom to top! The amounts of spots I am getting is also becoming fewer and fewer, which I am extremely happy of. I have barely any redness and spots on my forehead, however the spot that decided to make a residence between my eyebrows is making no evidence of moving yet!

Day 3 ~ So last night I kind of cheated last night and did a face mask instead of washing my face with the Magnitone. Bad I know, so I'm combining what would be day 3 and 4. I have noticed that the dry patches on my cheeks have gotten much better, I've also noticed that the overall texture has gotten better, it's now much softer even without moisturiser it feels as if I've already moisterised! Looking at my skin today I feel like I'm getting less and less spots and it's mostly darkening of my skin (especially on my chin) from where I've had loads of spots.

Day 4 ~ I'm am starting to love using the Magnitone of a morning as I feel that it really helps wake me up for the day, I'm contemplating using it twice a day now instead of just once. My red patches have gone down so much and my weird dry patches have improved (I was naughty last night and forget to moisture which put me back a couple of steps!). One thing I am loving about my skin is that whilst on day 4 I am not completely spot free I have noticed a dramatic difference and that when I do get a few spots they aren't half as big or red and aggressive!

Day 5 ~ I noticed today that the skin around my nose was beginning to get a little dry, I have no idea why. But on a massive plus the dry patches on my cheeks have nearly disappeared. I may or may not have popped a spot on my chin, really bad I know!! Other than the condition of my skin is getting so much better!

Day 6 ~ Today I noticed that the texture of my skin has gotten much softer and my little dry patches on my cheeks have completely disappeared! I've noticed that although I am still getting a few spots, mainly because I've been a tad lazy with my skincare outside of using the Magnitone. The spots that I am getting are smaller and this might be too much information but I use to suffer with spots that formed a head, now the spots I'm getting are more of just a small red bump that disappears after a day or two!

Day 7 ~ On day 7 I noticed that the texture of my skin has gotten so much better and its a lot softer than it used to be! Although I still have a few small dots, most of the dark patches on my face are scarring now from past spots which I am hoping will start to improve over time.

Even though this is a more expensive way to get clearer skin, I do believe in the long term it saves money as I've never seen such a change in my skin from simply adding one thing to my routine (with only using it once daily) it's made such a drastic change in my skin! I would definitely recommend this anyone and everyone, it is so worth it! I also love that when it arrives it also come with a european plug that is connects right to the plug base so you can really take it anywhere.

Have you guys tried Magnitone or any other brand cleansing brush?

Danielle Levy

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