Get in loser....We're going shopping!

So just before my birthday I may have been really really bad and bought myself a bunch of clothes, mainly because I haven't been clothes shopping in literally AGES and my birthday was this week so I decided to treat myself! And what do you do when you buy loads of clothes?....A mini look book of course!! Now in England it has been freezing your tush off weather so I wanted outfits that were cute but was still warm, I also wanted them to hint a bit towards spring and the hopes of some sun!

Coat ~ Monsoon
Scarf ~ Accessorize
Jumper ~ Primark
Jeans ~ Select
Boots ~ Asda

I love this outfit with the hints of pink just lighten it enough that you feel slightly less wintery! I got this coat at the start of January and have fallen in love, it is literally the warmest and comfiest coat I have ever owned. I would definitely recommend checking out Monsoon for warm winter coats and coats perfect for everyday and perfect for British weather! The layering look is perfect for this time of year as you you can be nice and warm and then as the weather warms up through the the day you can just remove layers and still look just as good as you did in the morning!

My next outfit revolves around my knitted cape from Accessorize. I am in love with capes this season, especially the ones from Accessorize as they have everything from normal capes to patterned to woollen ones all with fur collars! I picked up this knitted berry one with a light brown fur collar and it is super warm, I paired it with a cream jumper to accentuate the berry cape and it also upped the warmth rating. 

Cape ~ Accessorize
Jumper ~ Monsoon
Jeans ~ Select
Boots ~ Monsoon

This is my comfy warm go-to outfit, there's nothing better than a jeans, boots and jumper day! I always wear these type of outfits when I'm having a lazy running errands type of day and how gorgeous do those boots look?! They are a deep tan possible leather (I'm not 100% sure if they are) and are just super comfy! 

My final outfit jumper and scarf outfit, except I loved that this jumper looked simple and plain from the front and then you turned around and it had this back detail of the fake buttons down the back. These type of outfits are perfect as the temperature starts to warm up and you don't need a coat as this scarf is actually as a blanket scarf so if it gets chilly you can wrap it around your shoulders as well or just bundle it up around your neck! 

Scarf ~ Accessorize
Jumper ~ Monsoon
Jeans ~ Select
Boots ~ Matalan

What have your top outfit picks been for the start of 2015 while the temperature is so cold?!
Danielle Levy

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