New Years Resolutions

So here's to the first of many of these posts (hopefully!). We are officially 2015 and like millions of people each year, I have made a few resolutions for this year. 

Now how many of you guys have made resolutions on December 31st and found by the end of January you have broken what you said you were going to do?! Be honest!! I've probably done it pretty much each year, so for that reason I have only gave myself 3/4 resolutions that I am going to stick to.

1~ I am going to get fitter and healthier
I know this one goes round every year and no-one really ever sticks to it! But this year I have two weddings that I want to be in better shape for as well as a challenge coming up that I need to be physically fit for. As part of that a sub-section of this resolution is to work out more, I am aiming to do at least one form of exercise 5 times a week but I'm going to build myself up so that I don't put myself off it straight away (there's going to be more about this in another post very soon!) 

2~ Blog more
I have also decided that I want to try and blog more as much is possible. Even if it is only a small outfit of the day post or a what I ate in a day post, I want to try and blog more than once a week. This one is all dependant on things like uni, assignments, placement and work. The more time off I have the more I can blog, it might be that I spend a day writing a bunch of posts that I can then schedule or put up as and when so I've always got some content for you guys! 

3~ Save money
One thing this year I want to try and build up my savings, I am hopefully starting a new job soon which means I will have a better income which will give me more to save. I am planning to start saving up for things like a new car (mine is 14yrs old and could do with a replacement) and I want to start saving up for my own place because God knows that isn't cheap to do! I am hoping to save at least £5 a week until I get my new job but I want to make sure I put something away each week to get into the habit even if it's only £1/2 a week.

4~ Have more 'me' time
I am going to put my hands up and say I am a workaholic, I need to start giving more time for me. This involves no working every second I'm off from uni and take some pictures to have coffee with my friends, see my family, do all the things you do when you have some time off! I think this resolution is one of these that is quite important for me as I have noticed quite recently that I am working myself too hard as whenever I have time off I seem to always get ill!

What were your new years resolutions? 

Danielle Levy

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