My New Found Essentials

When I got sick a couple of weeks ago I looked like all the moisture had been sucked out of my body, which lead me to get these two amazing products! Now I am the type of person that has become lazy when using hand cream and lip balm for two reasons, number one I hate waiting for hand cream to soak in and having to sit there not really doing anything for fear of leaving a greasy slick behind and number two is that I often suffer with really bad chapped lips and for some reasons my lips will be fine and then I will put a lip balm on and then 20 minutes later they are all chapped. Not fun!

So normally when I am sick I get really bad chapped lips, literally to the point where you could peel the top layer off. Anyone else get that when they are sick or is that just me?! Now I am not kidding I am a lip balm fiend, you could probably find about a million different lip balms in my room till now I had not found the perfect lip balm. I picked up the Nivea lip butter in vanilla & macadamia and it's one of those beauty products that has been out for a while and I've always said I'll get round to getting it at some point, which as we all know never happens. I picked this little pot up for £2.00 in Asda and have been using it to death and it barely looks like it's been touched! 

First off let me just say how amazing this smells, the smell of macadamia really comes through with a hint of vanilla. It also has Shea butter and almond oil in it as well which help to really moisturise your lips. Normally I am use to having to slather loads of lip balm on just to stop it getting chapped, however when you apply the Nivea lip balm you feel like you've not got a whole lot on your finger but when you apply it to your lips you can feel the moisture and almost protective layer it creates on your lips. I am definitely buying another one to go into my nursing tunic and recommend it to any nurses, student nurses or anyone that works in a hospital and understands the whole working in a highly air conditioned area with barely any drinks! This is definitely a great lip saver and should be a handbag staple!

My next nursing/life essential is the Garnier intensive 7 days restoring hand cream for dry and chapped hands. Now I don't have chapped hands and they aren't particularly dry but they could definitely be a lot more hydrated than they are. I will own up and say I am very lazy when it comes to putting hand cream on, mainly because I hate how long it takes for some to sink in and I'm really not a fan of that greasy feeling until it's sunk in! I picked this up when I got the lip balm from Asda and it was only about £2.00 for 100ml hand bag size and was drawn in to buying it because it said it was fast-absorbing which intrigued me as I have tried tons of 'fast-absorbing' hand creams that really are not and the main reason I picked it up because it claims to keep your hands hydrated after washing, which if you see are a nurse or someone whose job requires you to wash your hand literally a million times a day you will appreciate anything that attempts to keep your hands hydrated after washing. 

Now if you watch TV in the UK you will no doubt have seen an active yoghurt advert at some point and how they go on about L-Bifidus in the yogurts, well this hand cream has this in it. It claims to support the skin's natural hydration as well as the skin's natural protective barrier and has something Garnier call anti-evaporation effect to keep your hands hydrate for longer. It also has Shea butter in that helps replenish your skin with moisture and keeps your skin soft and supple.

This is a thicker type of hand cream and you only need a pea sized amount that is enough for both hands, and I am not kidding when I say this is the fast absorbing hand cream I have ever used! I always apply hand cream to the top of my hand then rub it in, otherwise I feel like I can't pick up anything for an hour. However this hand cream just soaks right in and you can see the difference in your hands after just one application! 

What are your handbag essentials?

Danielle Levy

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