Get fit/Farmageddon goal

Yes I am doing the usual get fit goal that everyone does at New Years, but I am doing mine with a twist. So this year I decided that with 3 weddings coming up this year it would give me the push to loose the little bit of weight I'm not so strict with, but I have decided two things to bring you guys along with me to help push me along to reach my goal and that I would set myself a physical challenge that I would need to be physically fit for so at the end of April I will hopefully competing in the farmageddon run, which is something very similar to tough mudder but I am told it's not quite as hard!! 

So shall we get our starting blocks....

For my first goal I have decided to loose just over 10kg. My starting weight was 75.7kg and my goal is to get down to 65kg, but I'm giving myself till July to loose it. If I loose anymore it'd be even better. I am going to document my journey throughout with pictures and blog posts so that I can see it all and it can give me the motivation when I'm lagging and hopefully maybe inspire anyone that felt in the same place I did with my health. 

Even though I am saying I want to loose 10kg (1.5 stone for those in England), I am going to focus much more on my measurements and how my clothes feel which is much more important to me than a number on a scale, something I'd strongly recommend for anyone wanting tone up. So here they are the first measurements (and hopefully biggest) measurements of 2015~ 

• Arms ~ R13"/L13"
• Bust ~ 43"
• Waist ~ 33.5"
• Hips/Butt ~ 42"
• Thighs ~ R25.5"/L25"
• Calves ~ R16"/L16"

• Dress size ~ 12-14

I will say I would be happy to just go down by one dress size possibly to about a size 10 UK dress size and just want to become leaner, more healthier version of myself, not a skinny minny. 

Now due to needing to be physically fit for this farmageddon (which looks like something you can do to have a great time with a group of friends or you can enter individually) I have made a goal to start working out more than I tried to do in 2014, so that I don't just die when it comes to doing this run! I am starting off small at the moment at the beginning though as I had a really bad chest infection the end of last year which meant my physically fitness (mainly my chest) wasn't quite as good. 

So I have officially completed my first full working week of doing a small amount of exercise everyday (mainly at least 30 minutes of YouTube videos and a 30 minute dog walk), due to work I haven't been able to go to my gym because of the Christmas and new year opening hours so I have been doing workouts from YouTube which has been working but I can't wait to get back in the gym. I am going to try and do at least 5 sessions a week whether it's 3 one hour sessions in the gym and then on 2 days doing a YouTube workouts but we will see how I get on. 

I am going to do monthly updates of how I'm getting on as well recipes for meals and snacks and posts of different bits of health and lifestyle like what I eat in a day as well as my favourite workouts and more. And if anyone of you reading would like to do this along with me as a little motivational buddy, feel completely free to do so!!

* I am absolutely gutted that after writing this post at New Years the day I was going to take the pictures and publish this post, I woke up extremely sick with a severe bout of laryngitis that has left me in bed sick from new year until now so I am finally feeling more human and back to blogging again!!!

I hope that everyone had a very happy and safe new year and are ready to smash 2015!
Danielle Levy

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