Eyes and Lips and Face....Oh My!!

Anyone who got the movie title reference in the blog post title gets extra points! I must be late on the bandwagon as after I ordered what you are about to see, it seems everybody and their mother knew about this brand! So I have purchased a few bits and I won't lie since I opened the package last night I have been really impressed with what I got. 

I decided I'd try out a range of products from eyes, lips and face to see if overall they are a brill brand or its similar to some other brands where some items are like gold dust and other items are just a bit naff. Now if you're new to the brand like me they have three different ranges the basic range, studio range and the mineral range. I've also linked everything I purchased so it's super easy if anything in this post takes your fancy you can just click and you're right there!

I decided to try out a couple of these lipsticks from the basic range, I got 3 colours that I knew I would probably wear even if I don't end up loving the lipsticks themselves. They were £1.95 each and I got the shades Posh, Seductive and Sociable. Sociable is a bright blue-toned pink, Seductive is a muted pink colour that will be the perfect everyday colour and Posh is a deep pinky colour with hints of red. I do love the design of the packaging, however I found that when I first opened them I did find that the twist part of the lipstick was really stiff for some reason but it seems to be loosening now I've twisted it a few times, word of warning to anyone that purchases them be gentle when opening!

I also picked up four of the lipglosses from different ranges, three mineral lipglosses and one from the studio range. The one from the studio range I genuinely got as it intrigued me, these are the 2 in 1 Conditioning Gloss in the shade Va Va Voom (Yes, I love the names of the shades as well!) this lipgloss has vitamins A & E with extra aloe thrown in and moisturizing Shea butter in. Va Va Voom is a bright pink with pink glitter in it, I think this lipgloss would go perfectly with the sociable lipstick! 

The mineral lipglosses are in the shades Trendsetter, Sorority girl and Daring. Theses were £2.50 each and I managed to get these three on sale, normally these are £5.00 each. They interested me as they are made with 100% natural minerals and vitamins A & E, so I wondered what the lasting power and pigmentation would be like. Trendsetter is a brown-toned pink with pink shimmer, Sorority Girl is a perfect everyday, put on without a mirror colour, it's a light natural pink with pink shimmer - a shade every girl should have in her handbag! And finally I got the shade Daring is a brighter pink shade with plenty of pink shimmer in it, when I swatched this one it doesn't seem as pigmented in colour compared to the other two I purchased, this one seems like it would turn out as just a tint of colour. I am also playing with the idea of doing a series of splurge or save posts and am thinking about doing a comparison with these lipglosses and another well known brand.

Now Christmas is over everybody is starting to look towards to Spring Summer and with Spring Summer comes barely there face make-up and mineral face products. I think I might plan to do a round up of the best mineral make-up at the moment. That being said I've picked up two of the mineral face products from E.L.F, I'm also hoping that they last better than liquid products on my skin! I picked up the mineral foundation and concealer, both come with spf 15 and you get 2.84g for £4.50 (sale price). The only problem with ordering face products online is colour matching, anyone that's tried this will understand especially if you are a milk bottle like me! One thing I did notice was that on one package of a different colour was that they had put what skintone that shade would be good for, maybe a hint E.L.F you could put on the website! Luckily I ordered the palest shade and they both matched really well.

I also picked up another concealer from the Studio range as I really wanted to try out the lasting power and coverage of this one. Its the Maximum Coverage Concealer and you get 20ml of product for only £3.95, so if it turns out to be a little star this will be a great bargain. It's also not too big so it can be a perfect little addition to the makeup bag!

So this whole order started because of me needing this next product, I was desperately in need of a new primer and decided it was high time I tried a different brand to see if another one worked better. This primer is one of the more expensive products on the website, but at £6.95 its still a bargain compared to primers from other brands. E.L.F have got a number of different primers on their website depending on what you need it do do, from hydrating (like I have) to mineral infused to poreless. When you pump it out, you only need a tiny amount to cover a large area and it comes out with a slight white tint to do and once blended in you can feel the hydrating difference to the skin. I will be doing a more detailed review once I've had the chance to try this primer out a bit more.

I also picked up the Makeup Mist & Set from the studio line as I thought that it might be similar to the Urban Decay setting sprays or the MAC Fix+ (I may also be doing another save or splurge post on these). Now this little bottle is only £3.95 for a 60ml bottle, which claims to keep makeup in place all day with a 'radiance boosting invisible hold'. It also has aloe, green tea, cucumber and vitamins A, C & E. 

Last but not least I picked up one of the Smudge Pots in Hit the Town which is a gorgeous gunmetal silver with a little silver shimmer running through it. These are only £2.95 each and are in a cute little 5g pot. I love the idea they can be used as either a cream eyeshadow or a eyeliner. The only thing is due to the size of the pot as you get further down you might need a brush rather than using your fingers, but I do love the multi-function of this product so I forget about the size of the pot!

Have you guys tried out E.L.F?
Danielle Levy

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