DIY Starbucks Peppermint Mocha

Now that is is officially Christmas time, I can start my Christmasy posts! I drank so many of these last year during the Christmas season I should have got shares in Starbucks, so this year I decided to try and recreate it at home to save myself some money.

This is a super easy do-it-yourself that you can enjoy at home or take it with you to placement, lectures or anywhere you need to go. Now if you're not a big coffee drinker you can do this with just hot chocolate and visa versa if you're not a big fan of hot chocolate you can do this to spice up your morning coffee. 

First make your coffee however you prefer whether that's instant, whole bean or by a French press. You need to let your coffee brew for a couple of minutes and is nice and hot so that all the ingredients blend together nicely and most importantly melt together! After your coffee has brewed add it to your favourite mug with 3/4 spoonfuls of hot chocolate mix, if you feel like really treating yourself heat some milk then melt some Nutella into it, then add your coffee and it's even more indulgent. I love having it that way when I'm Christmas film duvet day or on Christmas Eve!

This next step is completely up to you as to which way you want to do it. To make it pepperminty you can either either use a peppermint flavouring or as I like to do to make it feel really Christmasy you can use good old fashioned candy canes! Whether you use the oil or candy canes use as much as your prefer after all it's your drink so you need to like it. I use half a candy cane in a medium size cup and that gives it a nice undertone to the drink without being too overpowering. I've never use the flavouring but I would say you probably only need a couple of drops and if you can get your hands on peppermint syrup agin you will only need a small amount to stop it becoming overpowering. 

One little note if you want to use candy canes break it into smaller pieces and once you add it to the coffee/hot chocolate you need to make sure that you stir continuously for a few minutes to stop anything sticking to the bottom of the cup.

The next three little bits are completely optional but I think they taste great all together.

To finish it off I like to add a splash of milk which helps make it creamier and then whipped cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon on top, you know to give it that Starbucks feel! Plus I always think it feel like more of a treat with whipped cream and cinnamon over the top! 

And there you go...a student's take on a Starbuck's peppermint mocha. Hopefully I will start to have a bit more confidence to do more DIY's which will help us all save a few pennies as students. 

Let me know how you guys get on with making this!

Danielle Levy

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