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Starting year 2 of my nursing degree has made me realise and appreciate the ability to relax and have an evening to myself. I'm not going to lie, I am that person that can't sit around doing nothing or lie in bed all day (it even kills me when I'm sick and physically can't get out of bed)!  Any fellow nurses or student nurses know that your degree training goes by super fast, pair that with a part-time job, assignments, placement and an attempt at a social life and you soon find yourself thinking when was the last time I had an evening to myself/did a face mask/had a bubble bath and a glass of wine?!!

Now I am going to be one of those people that suffer from the curse of the strong when I'm older, anyone that has seen Steve Head will know what I'm taking about. I'm the person that is the first one there and the last to leave, I spend WAY longer than I should touching up group work and making sure things are perfect for other people, basically I'm the person that can't say no!! Any other student nurses with me on that? 

It's taken me a long time, well to be frank a whole year to realise no-one's ever going to tell me I need to stop. If I want to take a break I am the one that needs to realise it and put it into effect, so I am doing this post on my favourite ways to relax and my favourite products to use!

Now you can't beat a good old bubble bath with your favourite products, a glass of wine and your favourite candle going! Come on, how good does that look!! Like most people I seem to have way more bubble baths when winter rolls around. I love using LUSH baths products in the bath, the quality and the smells are just amazing. 

My top picks at the moment are the So White which they normally do in bath bomb form but this year they have made it into a shower gel, which I am excited to get my hands on! Cinders is a great bath bomb for Christmas that is warming and just smells like winter and lastly you cannot have a winter routine with LUSH without mentioning the Christmas Eve bubble bar this is a calming bubble bar which has scents of jasmine and ylang ylang which completely relax and calm you (I stock up on these as they are particularly helpful for a bath before exam times or stressful periods of time). 

One thing I do love doing, especially when combined with a nice hot bubble bath is a face and hair mask. I'm not gonna lie masks for my face or hair are often the things that get put to the sidelines when I'm busy and I can definitely feel and see the difference when I do use them. I seem built up a fair few different hair and face masks so I'm trying to build them up as I really like using home-made versions. 

At the moment I am using a Moroccan oil hair mask that leaves my hair smelling and looking so much better! I like this one as I find it really conditions my hair especially since I dye my hair fairly regularly, recently it seems to get quite dry after I've shampoo'd my hair. My face mask is a new love from Superdrug, it's one of their rejuvenating moisturising masks which I prefer as I'm not keen on those masks that you feel like you've stripped the moisture from your skin when you take the mask off! 

And of course a pamper evening wouldn't be a pamper evening getting your hands and feet looking pretty, especially if you work in the health care environment or somewhere that you can't paint your nails you miss it A LOT!! I am unfortunately still trying to find my perfect top coat (answers on a postcard please!) but at the moment I am using Essie base and top coat. This weekend I decided to embrace my last week of having pretty hands before I start placement by painting my nails with this beautifully deep purple shade from Avon which I always forget to use and after a weekend of working on the tills and using the Ipad ordering system which is pretty hard on the nails, they've held up pretty well and not chipped yet!  

Here's some little tips to help you to relax and know when to have a pamper evening....

• Know your limits ~ Nobody can work 7 days a week and you honestly are stupid if you think you can! You need at least one day off a week. I'm in uni 5 days a week and then work on Sunday's so I have my Saturday as a 'protected' day, by this I mean I rarely make plans on a Saturday, I never work and I spend it pretty much in either pjs or chill clothes! My point is know your limits and stick to them, if you know you can't work for 3 hours every night compromise do an hour to an hour and a half or to whenever you feel like you're going to drop, then organise the rest of your work when you've got a day off or a half day. Just don't keep pushing yourself thinking it's fine I'll plod on cause eventually pushing yourself will get too hard and you will snap. 

• Try and make some time for yourself and reward yourself, if you get all the work you'd planned to do in one day/evening reward yourself with a film evening. You've worked hard you got everything you set out to do done and if you don't reward that your brain and body will subconsciously start to not work efficiently and effectively, meaning you'll do less work and it won't be at the same standard as usual. 

• Find what works for you... I personally love nothing more than coming in and lighting candles I have dotted around my room. If you don't like candles, dim your lights just have your lamps on instead of your main room lights. It all helps your brain start to wind down and switch off, it's also easier for when you're in bed as my light switch is on the other side of my room whereas my lamp is right next to my bed...always a plus!

• Set yourself goals and targets, I personally prefer to have everything done and dusted by about 8/9pm as that gives me enough time to have a hot shower (or bath...if I feel up for one) and then have a relax before the madness starts again tomorrow. I have a little to do list pad that I love as I set myself weekly goals that I need to get done at some point that week and I found that so useful. 

• A big one that everyone should practice is don't beat yourself up about the small stuff, if you don't completely and miss out a complete of things it's not the end of the world. If you beat yourself up about everything little things you would honestly make yourself mad, I know it's cliché but I have a picture on my desk that says don't sweat the small stuff which is just oh so true! 

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