Time To Become A Bookworm

This is a really quick blog post as I got a delivery with some new nurse-y books. 

So as I you can probably already tell I got a new diary for next year, this past year my diary has been the same brand as the diary above with just a different pattern. The brand is Paperblanks, I love this brand as each year they bring out different patterns that change every year and they are always such great and pretty patterns. They also make all their diaries and notebooks on acid-free sustainable forest paper which is a really nice quality. I love the layout as well as you get a weekly and monthly layouts which I find perfect for organising my time, exams, assignments, appointments. I got it for £9.99 in Blackwell's, which our university bookshop and I think they have them on most UK university campus's! I don't know if you can get it cheaper anywhere else though!

I also got the four books from Amazon from a variety of different sellers, I definitely reccomend if you go on Amazon to check the new and used section (I think its called the marketplace) and you can often find books new or practically brand new from much cheaper. I'm not going to say a whole lot about the books mentioned as I am going to do some future blog posts on them.

Last year I borrowed the Royal Marsden book from the library for the whole of my first year, which became a pain as your can't highlight or write notes in! This is a definite must for any student nurse or medical student that may do any of the procedures mentioned in the book. I managed to pick this up for about £25 which was a nice little bargain considering how much info you get in it!

Next I got one of these Survival Guide books for student and registered nurses, this range do a bunch of different books that are all pocket-sized and are wipe clean (always a plus when you carry them on shift!). This one is the Medical Abbreviations & Normal Ranges, always really helpful to have with some of the blood ranges (my fiend at the moment as I'm still learning them all). It'll be helpful for all 3 years or even medical students as it as ranges for cardiovascular, respiratory, neurological, renal, fluid balance and nutritional assessments. I think these normally retail for about £7/8 but I manage to pick this up for about £4.

Being a year 2 student you're expected to be thinking and writing critically in our assignments and exams as all of our grade boundaries change and become more advanced this year. The Transforming Nursing Practice series of books is brilliant, I've got the Clinical Judgement and Decision Making book from this range and they are both equally as good. This range by Shirley Bach and Mooi Standing meets the NMC Standards and Essential Skill Clusters which aim to transform the new generation of nurses coming through their degree on how to use these subjects in our nursing studies but to also carry it on into our practice once we become registered.

Finally the last book I got because I was fed up of textbooks and wanted a new book just to read in my own time. I know I should probably read books of other genres, but I love and find it really interesting to read books that talk about nursing in different decades. This book 'It Won't Hurt a Bit!' by Jane Yeadon follows her journey from living on a farm in Scotland to becoming a nurse in the sixties. I really like these types of books that are written by nurses and based on their own journey.

Speak to you guys soon

Danielle Levy

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