On Fridays We Wear Tartan...

Yes for you chick flick buffs that is a thinly veiled reference to Mean Girls. This week has been my first week as a second year nursing student, while it's nice to be back the weather hasn't been the best!! However I am very excited that we are starting to get the autumn-y/winter weather, my favourite time of year! (Please excuse the photos this week I've got an tripod but need to get plate to hold my camera on the top, so these have been taken in my small full length mirror and on my iphone)


So today is my first day back at lectures (they were nice enough to let us go a bit earlier as well!). I've just got on my forest green swing dress from Primark, this was a bargain at just £5. My mac coat is from the George @ Asda range and was only £18, I even got 25% off so it was just £13.50. My scarf (£5) and boots  (£40) are also from Asda (their a/w collection has some surprising gems in it! Definitely worth checking out). My everyday uni bag that you will no doubt see a whole lot in any of these posts is from Accessorize for £39.


Today was definitely a weird weather day, it was freezing cold in the morning and then lovely and sunny by the time I got to my lectures! Anyone who commutes to anywhere understands my pain, you stock up your car/bag like your leaving home for a week. Honestly you should see my boot!! Today's outfit was nice and simple and mostly primark! Everything is basically primark bar the boots (Asda) and the cardigan (monsoon).

My apologies for no pictures for wednesday, I was utterly and completely shattered after uni that I came home eat and fell asleep super early!!


For uni today I decided on this gorgeous graphic floral skirt I found in Asda of all places for just £12 because I wanted the skirt to be the focal point of the outfit, I paired it with a white top and light blue cardigan both from Monsoon with simple black tights and ballet flats both from primark. I just went simple for jewellery with my ring that I wear everyday (bar placement of course) and a plain oval pendant on a long gold chain. 


Today was the last day of lectures for my first week and it was only half day which makes it even easier! I decided just to go comfy casual as it was windy, cold and sunny a fun time of year to dress for. In the end I went for my old faithful  leather black boots from Asda that I am firmly in love with at the moment, paired with my black Primark skinny jeans. I topped it with my grey baggy jumper from Monsoon (my apologies as its last a/w collection for them, but your probably likely to find it any outlet stores if your really interested). I completed the outfit with my beige mac and tartan floral scarf both from Asda.

What outfits do you fall back to for sitting in lectures for hours?

Danielle Levy

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