CoLab Dry Shampoo....My New godsend!

I was actually planning to write a different blog post this week but I felt that I needed to impart this little nugget to anyone that will listen! Last week I ran out of my old faithful Batiste dry shampoo and remembered that Ruth Crilly had just released her new range of dry shampoos. 

So for those of you that don't know Ruth Crilly, she has been a fashion model for over 10 years and been in many famous brand campaigns. She also has a degree in English Literature as well as writing her own blog, a YouTube channel and vlogging

Now I don't know about you but being a student nurse dry shampoo is a godsend, being up at 4/5am leads you to going to bed super early and I'm going to admit that I sometimes get super lazy and think 'well I'm putting up again tomorrow anyway' yes bad I know! The one thing that I can be quite picky on is the scent of dry shampoo and the texture I'm definitely not a fan of the ghost effect in my hair, that is where these little beauties come in. 

This range comes in 5 different scents to match pretty much everyone's tastes and preferences, ranging from a musk to a floral and to tropical with each bottle hosting a lovely more grown-up fragrance. The formula of this dry shampoo is very different to others as it is made with a sheer invisible formula which is a very fine spray which prevents it from looking chalky in your hair or leaving any funny residue, which is perfect as it just leaves your hair feeling light and refreshed. It also makes it ideal from transforming your hair after a long day at work to give it a bit of volume if you want to go out for some post-work drinks. 

These are available from Superdrug, FeelUnique and BeautyMart and cost £3.50 for the large 200ml can and £1.99 for the 50ml which is the perfect size for your handbag or for travelling and I am definitely going back and picking up the travel size to keep in my bag. I must say I love that the cans are colour-coded with a different gorgeous pattern on the front of each can.

I luckily managed to get my hands on these the day before they came out on display in Superdrug and I picked up two of the scents. The London Classic fragrance which has notes of bergamot, musk (black lid with a houndstooth design) and magnolia and the Paris Floral fragrance which has notes of jasmine, rose and patchouli (pink lid with a rose design). Here's me first thing in the morning after applying it and styling my hair (no white patches anywhere!)

So I decided to give it a shot this morning as my hair was starting to get a bit oily and this dry shampoo is so easy to use! I found it works best if you brush your hair out first to get rid of any knots then spray this dry shampoo into the roots of sections of hair, leave for a few seconds and then give it a juz with your fingers and style your hair and that is my friend are oil-free and have gorgeous smelling hair! 

I also thought it would be useful for you guys to see what my hair looked like after a full day at university, as you can see it's still looking good even if my face looks worse for wear after a day full of lectures and meetings my hair is still looking nice and fresh! No sign of oil here!

You should definitely pick this baby up and give it a shot , you'll fall in love like I have!

Danielle Levy

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