New Year... New Stationary

Hey guys,

So it's come to that time of year again......

.......New Stationary.

Yes I sadly am the type of person that gets excited about buying new stationary, come on we all know I'm not the only person that's like this! Now onto the good stuff....

So I haven't bought that much stationary for my second year of university as last year I bought things like my folders (Staples Better Binders - the best binders I've ever found), notebooks, dividers, pens, highlighters and paper. This year I just bought some top-up things.

First up I picked up just a couple of refill pads from Tesco which were £1.50 each, I seem to have a couple odds and ends of the pads I bought last year so I thought I might need some more. I also picked up this pack of 3 popper carry folders from Aldi for 89p. I got these because I personally like to write my notes on refill paper and then write my notes up ineat in a notebook, I don't know about you but my lecturers talk SUPER fast and zoom through the lecturers so my notes sometime resemble doctor's writing!!

I also picked up a couple of packets of plastic wallets from Wilkinsons for 75p and some dividers for 95p as well, as I am planning to decant all my year 1 lectures, notes etc out of my smaller folders and into big lever arch folders which I'm hoping to put all 3 years work in and of course I bought a cheeky Yo Yo Bear fruit roll-up which are healthy low-cal snacks. Talking of folders....

I am planning this year to re-use my folders for different modules as they were great, fit loads and still looked untouched! So I've purchased the lever arch version of the Staples Better Binders in matching colours (little tip ~ Staples can be quite pricey so I order online and get delivered to store which can be up to a couple of pounds cheaper!). These folders cost me £5.87 ish each, some colours where slightly more expensive than others for some reason!

I would also highly recommend Staples points card that they do even of you only shop these once or twice a year as this year I got sent a money-off voucher for back to school which really helped!! Whilst I was on the website I also picked up another pack of the Papermate Inkjoy 100 pens (£1.49) and a 3 pack of coloured Papermate pens (£1.99). 

So I am determined that over this next year I am going to get stricter with my diet and working out, I actually have a deadline as in July next year I am going to a wedding so I want to get more in shape and look my best. I am determined to eat cleaner/healthier and I'm determined to take lunch and snacks with me everyday to uni as last year when I was too lazy I didn't make my lunch which lead me to buy food out which isn't good for my waistline and purse. Hence my next couple of purchases.

First off on the diet front I got these Sistema BPA-free boxes from Aldi for £1.99 each, they were on offer as all the kids go back to school within the next week. I bought two of the small split ones as I love taking fruit and yoghurt with me but hate having 20 million tupperware boxes filling my bag. I also got one of the sandwich boxes which I'm actually going to use to take salad with me to uni. 

On the loosing weight lines I had been wanting to try the nutri-bullet style blenders, however being a student spending £100 on a blender just doesn't fly! So I saw this blender Breville Blend Active blender for £20 in asda which is a bargain and you get two bottles which are 600ml each the blender base and the blender lid. These bottles seem better than the nutri-bullet type because they are slimmer which means they'll fit easily in my bag as I'm planning to make it just before I leave in the morning for uni and drink it through my morning lecture to stop me being tempted to nip to the tesco's, costa and subway for snacks.

On the fitness front I bought these headphones (excuse the photo for some reason it does not want to let me turn it landscape even though that's how I took the picture), I got these Philips Bluetooth headphones from Argos for £29.99. I am in love with these headphones, I primarily bought these for the gym as I hate the in ear headphones and I always end up getting tangled up in the wire. These are great because I use a particular app (a future blog post coming up) which designs workouts for me so I like to leave my phone on the floor in front of me so I can see it instead of in an arm band or in the back of my gym pants. I also love these as I have a fairly small head and these actually fit me! 

And that is all I got...

Speak to you guys soon

Danielle Levy

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