I love to hear from anyone that reads my blog; student nurses, planner addicts and beauty babes alike. If you want to get in touch with a question or you are wanting to discuss collaborating, you can email me at Due to being a nurse and crazy shift patterns it is not always possible to guarantee an immediate response, however I am aim to response to all of my emails within a week so please bear it in mind when sending.

My blog and YouTube channel are PR friendly, I am happy to work with bloggers, companies and brands as long as I feel that they are something I would talk about. You can find out more about my disclaimer below.

As of September 2015 any product that has been gifted/sent to me for review will be marked with an asterisk (*) at the bottom of the post. Please bear in mind that I like to keep my blog and content honest and positive. It is also an area of creativity for myself so requests for certain wording or terminology will be denied as I like to have the control and freedom over my own words.

Any product that is sent to me will receive my 100% honest opinion and will only be accepted for review if I feel it fits in with my blog and what I prefer to write about. If a product is accepted for review and does not work for me, I will contact the brand and it will be to their discretion whether they would still like me to write the review. Please bear in mind that it will be a 100% truthful review as I prefer to be completely open and honest.

I have not yet written any sponsored blog posts. If at any point in the future that changes, any sponsored blog posts will be marked as such with full disclosure given to my readers as I like to produce reputable, honest content.

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