A Few Of My Favourite Things ~ March

march 2017 favourites

We're already a quarter of the way through 2017 and I'm yet to do a monthly favourites blog post, so I think it's about time I tell you all my favourites this month. I don't tend to do these types of posts every month, mainly because I'm a pretty boring blogger and tend to use the same products day in, day out. However this month, I've been pretty exciting (for me anyway) and have been trying out some new goodies that I've been loving.


Trying Out Charlotte Tilbury For The First Time

I feel like I've committed the cardinal sin of blogging........It's nearly 3 years without a Charlotte Tilbury product. How have I managed to get to 3 years of blogging without these truly instagrammable products?! 


It's Time For Another Body Shop Blogger Event

This year is going incredibly fast, I mean it's nearly Mother's Day! So it's time to start looking at gifts for all the incredible mothers out there. Thankfully Sarah from The Body Shop on Bold Street came to the rescue and invited me to their latest blogger event to check out their Mother's Day gifts and a couple of their latest launches.

Getting To Grips With GHD

Liverpool curls with GHD

GHD is a brand that has been talked about and popular for years, I remember back in high school when the big thing was who got a GHD straightener for Christmas and all of the popular girls had GHD straighteners and poker straight hair. Now back in high school I was barely getting into makeup and was the type of girl to run a brush through my hair and call it a day so I certainly didn't have GHD straighteners, in all honesty I don't actually remember when I got my first pair of hair straighteners! So when an email came through from the lovely Natalie to come to the counter in John Lewis Liverpool to test out some of their products, let's just say I jumped at the chance to come try them out.


Falling In Love With Armani Beauty Chester

Armani power fabric foundation

I'm always on the look out for new brands for makeup and skincare to try out, so whenever I get any email from a new brand inviting me to come check out their new products I get really excited......will I find my next holy grail product?! Que Armani Beauty in Chester.