Cake And Coffee At Patisserie Valerie

I mentioned at the start of this year that I want to start featuring more food related posts and videos on my blog and youtube channel. And here I am back with my first food related post courtesy of Patisserie Valerie in Liverpool!


Starting With The Basics: Urban Decay

Last year (how weird is it to say that?!) I attended a fabulous VIP event at the new Urban Decay store in Liverpool where I got the Ultimate Basics palette and fell in love! So I thought I would share this beautiful palette and some swatches with all you lovelies as I feel everyone needs a matte palette like this in their life!


Are Dodgy Diet Pills Really Worth Your Health?

It's January and with January comes the resolutions that loads of people (myself included) make with commitments to our health. Sometimes this also includes loosing weight and getting fit which should be gradual process in order to be safe, however not everyone takes this gradual approach and opt for aids to help them loss weight faster which can have dangerous repercussions to your health.


What I Got For Christmas

I've always loved reading these types of blog posts/watching these types of videos as I am the type of person that I hate when it comes to gift giving. I am always the person that doesn't know what I want/I always end up buying something I want for myself, so these type of blog posts are actually really helpful for giving myself gift ideas for myself as well as gift ideas for the loved ones in my life!


My Goals For 2017

Tomorrow is the last day of 2016 and it's the time of year to look back over the last year and to think about the next year to come. This year has been amazing and I feel like I accomplished so much over the year; I got my first staff nurse job in my dream hospital, I graduated from my undergraduate degree, I started as a nurse in critical care, I made some amazing friends through blogging, and I've been invited to some amazing events!