GHD Pink Blush #BreastCancerNow Collection

GHD pink collection

As this year has progressed I have fallen more and more in love with GHD, all thanks to Natalie at the Liverpool counter. She kindly recently invited me to the counter for the launch of the new blush pink collection in support of breast cancer, I am so in love the collection and that GHD are raising millions of pounds in support of breast cancer!

Giorgio Armani Prima & Prive Launches

Giorgio Armani Prima Skincare

Way back in March I was introduced to Giorgio Armani skin care, beauty and fragrances by the lovely Kate from the Chester counter and she had me completely addicted from the get go! I was super excited when she emailed me inviting me down as they were launching two new skin care items as well as a new perfume that I just had to check out!

British Style Collective Day 3 Picture Diary

It's finally time for my last blog post about the British Style Collective, I've tried to spread out the post over the past month so it wasn't just a complete BSC overload. I also got WAY too excited to write about other things during the past month, it's been so hard to only have 2 blog posts go up a week!

New Menu At The Baltic Social

baltic social wall of fairy lights

A couple of weeks back, I got an exciting email inviting me to the launch of the new menu at The Baltic Social. Liverpool is quickly evolving, there are constantly areas of the city centre that are developing and changing for the better! The Baltic Triangle is the latest area in the city centre that is being developed, with the Baltic Market being among the latest launchs.

The Importance Of A Good Bra With UK Lingerie

With all my fashion posts that I've had up recently from the British Style Collective, it got me thinking about the importance of having a good supportive bra and the influence my underwear has on my confidence and how I felt in the outfits over the weekend.

British Style Collective Day 2 Picture Diary

I can't believe it's August and I'm still talking about the British Style Collective! As you might have seen from vmy blog post all about #CarnLIVal, I spent the second day of the British Style Collective split between St George's Hall and Yard & Coop. I even managed to get a picture with Hilary Alexander!

The Tell Me More Tag

Back at the beginning of June, my gorgeous friend Lyd created her own tag over on her blog to get to know the person behind the blog and she kindly invited everyone to get involved in it!


Time For A Healthy Glow With Charlotte Tilbury

Way back in March I got my first taste of Charlotte Tilbury and since then I have been completely addicted! The lovely Natalie who did my amazing facial and got me addicted invited me back to the counter as they were hosting a masterclass for the launch of their new product, the Unisex Healthy Glow.

British Style Collective Day 1 Picture Diary

It's been 2 weeks since the British Style Collective so it's about time that I wrote about my time there! I'm gonna write a post about each individual day because otherwise, it would just be complete and utter picture overload as if it's not already!! This year the Clothes Show has revived itself with a new name and a new home, moving from Birmingham to Liverpool and this was my first time ever going and what a way to kick it off!

Birthday #CarnLIVal

carnLIVal blogger event

Now it's only been 3 months since the last CarnLIVal, but pretty much as soon as the last one was finished, Katy and Sammy were already planning out the next one! Luckily three of the lovelies from our group chat all had a birthday in July, so it was the perfect excuse for a CarnLIVAL!

British Style Collective Outfit Diaries

Last weekend I headed to the British Style Collective and if you haven't seen on mine or any fellow Liverpool bloggers social media, last week basically revolved around deciding what to wear! I decided to go all out with the picture taking last weekend and take pictures for my first ever outfit diaries (I even managed to get some video footage for my youtube channel)!

Delicious Healthy Food With Everdine

Over the past year, I have said numerous times that I want to improve the way I eat. Yet every single time I find that I end up straying from my plan and grabbing something quick and easy or a takeaway after a long day at work because of my lack of time/energy and lack of healthy food in the house. Everdine kindly saw how awful I'm being with my healthy eating and offered me a selection of their meals to test out and see if I can get my healthy eating back on track.


New Eats ~ Neighbourhood Liverpool

Ahead of the British Style Collective next week, I took a little trip with Sam into Neighbourhood Liverpool (where if you show your ticket next weekend, you even get a discount off your bill!). We decided to go for a late lunch after spending the morning at the LIV food market's blogger brunch so after a mooch around Liverpool One in search of the latest beauty must-haves, we found ourself at Neighbourhood.


Lunchtime Escapes With Warehouse

Now that the summer weather has well and truly hit Liverpool, it's time to start planning what on earth I am going to wear to look cute but not die in this 30 degree heat! At the beginning of the month, I got the chance to attend the Lunchtime Escapes event with Warehouse in Liverpool One, hosted by the lovely Frankie Graddon and Dolly Alderton from The Pool

Wake Up To Organic With LIV Food Market

It's time for another foodie blog post with an organic twist! As a nurse I'm going to admit a really, really bad habit but I have never actually been much of a breakfast person. I 100% believe that is kinda related to my B12 deficiency, I would rather get a little bit longer in bed than get up and use what little energy I have to make breakfast. Now that the sunny weather has arrived I am all about eating healthy, fruity breakfasts (when I actually eat breakfast) so the LIV bloggers brunch with Wake Up To Organic came at the perfect time!

British Style Collective: Blogger Event

It's finally here, the countdown to the British Style Collective is on! In less than a month, the British Style Collective will be taking over Liverpool and 5 of our biggest landmarks in the city centre. Don't forget that my giveaway to win 2 tickets to the British Style Collective is only running for another 3 days!!

My Life Without A Father

This week I wanted to get a bit more personal on my blog and I wanted to talk to you all about my life for the past 18 years, growing up without a father. I thought that with it being father's day this weekend it would be pretty poignant but as with anything personal, I really worried about this post generating any hate. However, several lovely people on Twitter convinced me just to go for it and so many of them said they would love to read it, so here it is!


The Latest Addition To Subscription Boxes: Curated Combination

I've been blogging nearly 3 years this August and I've never actually subscribed to any beauty/lifestyle subscription boxes, bad blogger I know! As much as some have them have caught my eye, I've always been put off seeing boxes full of foil packets or repeat offenders. I have enough products that I don't get through to have a bunch of the same products or foil packets lying around! This is where Curated Combination have come to the rescue!


A Touch Of Floral For Summer

I am slowly getting there with dipping my toes into fashion posts. Unfortunately it's taken me years to become even remotely comfortable with my body and how I look in certain clothes and particularly in photographs. I've never really felt comfortable in photos and I am definitely not photogenic so it has taken a lot of practice and a lot of looking like an idiot to find poses that I feel comfortable with and that I feel make me feel happier about myself. 


Behind The Camera ~ Jessi Lou

Last month I featured the lovely Steph from Liv bloggers for my Behind The Brand series and I'm really excited to have my super sweet blogger bestie Jess involved with my first Behind The Camera post! If you haven't caught the concept, Behind The Camera is for some of my favourite bloggers and vloggers and Behind The Brand is some of my favourite brands.

British Style Collective Giveaway

I know it's not a Wednesday or Friday but I am back with a giveaway for all my lovely followers, all thanks to the lovely people over at the British Style Collective

Beating The Travel Bug

It's been such a long time since I've been on holiday, seriously I am talking years here and with all the gorgeous sunny weather we've had in Liverpool lately the travel bug has seriously hit me hard! With catching the travel bug, I have been super scatter brained as to where exactly I want to go. I currently have a list as long as my arm of places that I want to go with the top places being Lapland, Milan, Naples, Paris and Amsterdam. Pretty much all city breaks!


Multi-Masking With The Body Shop & Em Sheldon

Weeks and weeks ago I applied for the chance to win tickets to attend a masking masterclass with The Body Shop and the opportunity to meet Em Sheldon, unfortunately I never got an email to say I was one of the lucky ones to get tickets. However, I just so happened to be on Twitter at the right time a couple of days before the event and managed to score some last minute tickets to the event!

Your New McDonald's

Your New McDonald's, McDonald's Huyton

I was first introduced to McDonald's when I was probably about 6 or 7, blame living in the Orkney Isles where our nearest neighbour wasn't for miles for that one! When we moved to the Wirral 16 years ago as a single parent household, a McDonald's happy meal was our little treat from my mum. Over 16 years I have seen it change and adapt into the modern family favourite that it is today, so when I got an email last week inviting me to the Huyton branch in Liverpool to get behind the counters and make my own burger, I was so excited to work with a company that has been part of my family for over 15 years!

New Eats ~ Pho

Danielle Levy Pho Liverpool

I don't think I ever really announced it on my blog, but at the beginning of May myself and Sam decided to start a 3 month eat healthy, get fit challenge. Now with me living on the Wirral and Sam living in Liverpool, we are constantly on the lookout for some yummy, healthy food places in the city centre. I feel like Bold street has become the Soho of Liverpool, if you take a wander up the street there are health food markets, independent coffee shops and delicious, unique restaurants. Up at the top, in view of the bombed out church sits Pho, Liverpool's solution to healthy Vietnamese street food.

Getting Healthy With LIV

LIV organic & natural food market fresh fruit and veg

Liverpool has quickly surpassed London as becoming the trendiest place in the UK. We have got some of the most amazing opportunities coming to Liverpool, including the British Style Collective in July as well as some killer fashion sense. You only have to take a wander up towards Bold street, you will find pretty much every style of fashion from the classic to the more eccentric. Que the latest launch on Bold street, LIV organic & natural food market.....the perfect fit for the ever-fashionable Liverpool!

6 Months As A Registered Nurse

Nurse Student Nurse Danielle Levy Nurses Day

As I started writing this post, the scary thought dawned on me......I've been a registered nurse for over 6 months! How has that flew by so fast?!! I thought today would be quite apt to put this blog post up (it was originally scheduled for later in the month) but seen as it is Nurses Day in the UK today, I thought I would share it with you all.


New Eats ~ Yee Rah

So my goal of branching out into food and fashion on my blog has been going really well, I've already had blog posts featuring OOTD's and Cote Brasserie. I really want to start writing more about my favourite places on the Wirral and Liverpool! Last week I took a trip into Liverpool One with my mother to pick up a couple of bits, including my new obsession in the form of Pillow Talk lipstick by Charlotte Tilbury, whilst we were there we visited Yee Rah for some yummy wok & grill food.

Getting Summer Ready With Armani Chester

Armani Cruise Collection

I've always been a blogger/girl that never normally strays outside my comfort zone with makeup which has resulted in the exact same product from the same brands over and over again......I'm such an awful beauty blogger!! I set myself a goal to try and branch out and discover some new brands, even try out some higher end brands and blogger favourites.

Que Armani, who kindly invited me to the launch event in Chester for the new Cruise Collection that launched late last month.


£28 Dupe For The Zara Biker Jacket

I'm trying something on my blog that I haven't tried in a really long! I don't remember the last time that I wrote a blog post about fashion and I actually really enjoy creating them, even if I can't pose in pictures for toffee. If you caught my last blog post about #CarnLIVal, you might recognise this outfit.

GHD Wanderlust Collection

GHD wanderlust collection straighteners

A few weeks ago, I visited the GHD counter in John Lewis Liverpool for my amazing hair transformation and having previously never used GHD, I fell head over heels for the products, particularly the straighteners and I decided that come payday I really wanted to pick up the Platinum white straightener. A couple of weeks ago, the lovely Natalie from the GHD counter got in touch inviting me to the launch of their Wanderlust collection and it couldn't have been better timing!

Behind The Brand Liverpool Bloggers

Behind The Brand, Steph Liverpool Bloggers

Way back in October, I started a series on my blog called Behind The.... featuring Jennifer Hamley and embarrassingly I completely forgot about the series. I mean, I love writing these posts, thinking of questions and deciding what brands, bloggers and vloggers that I want to get involved. But, I think the reason I keep forgetting about it is because I can't just sit down and write the post, it requires myself to do a bit more planning. This week, I'm back with another Behind The Brand featuring the super nice Steph from Liverpool Bloggers.


Spring #CarnLIVal

Liverpool Bloggers, CarnLIVal

You might remember just before Christmas 2016, I went to a fabulous event planned by the gorgeous Katy and Sammy which you can read all about here. Well, these amazing ladies decided to host another CarnLIVal this spring and they smashed it out the park!


Fine Dining With Cote Brasserie Chester

Cote Brasserie

There's nothing like a mid-week restaurant launch to perk up your hump day!! Last week I got an email off the lovely Victoria inviting me down to the VIP launch of the new Cote Brasserie in Chester. 

A Few Of My Favourite Things ~ March

march 2017 favourites

We're already a quarter of the way through 2017 and I'm yet to do a monthly favourites blog post, so I think it's about time I tell you all my favourites this month. I don't tend to do these types of posts every month, mainly because I'm a pretty boring blogger and tend to use the same products day in, day out. However this month, I've been pretty exciting (for me anyway) and have been trying out some new goodies that I've been loving.


Trying Out Charlotte Tilbury For The First Time

I feel like I've committed the cardinal sin of blogging........It's nearly 3 years without a Charlotte Tilbury product. How have I managed to get to 3 years of blogging without these truly instagrammable products?! 


It's Time For Another Body Shop Blogger Event

This year is going incredibly fast, I mean it's nearly Mother's Day! So it's time to start looking at gifts for all the incredible mothers out there. Thankfully Sarah from The Body Shop on Bold Street came to the rescue and invited me to their latest blogger event to check out their Mother's Day gifts and a couple of their latest launches.

Getting To Grips With GHD

Liverpool curls with GHD

GHD is a brand that has been talked about and popular for years, I remember back in high school when the big thing was who got a GHD straightener for Christmas and all of the popular girls had GHD straighteners and poker straight hair. Now back in high school I was barely getting into makeup and was the type of girl to run a brush through my hair and call it a day so I certainly didn't have GHD straighteners, in all honesty I don't actually remember when I got my first pair of hair straighteners! So when an email came through from the lovely Natalie to come to the counter in John Lewis Liverpool to test out some of their products, let's just say I jumped at the chance to come try them out.


Falling In Love With Armani Beauty Chester

Armani power fabric foundation

I'm always on the look out for new brands for makeup and skincare to try out, so whenever I get any email from a new brand inviting me to come check out their new products I get really excited......will I find my next holy grail product?! Que Armani Beauty in Chester.


Taking A Look Around Lush Chester

Everyone loves a lush event, right?! 

And we are all in luck because the lovely dolls over at Lush Chester invited me to the re-launch of their Chester shop along with some of their favourite VIPs the other week.


Getting Fit With NutriBuddy

This year one of the things I want to work on is my health and fitness, I also wanted to make lifestyle changes that I was able to sustain rather than just be on a 'diet'. However 2017 hasn't quite started how I wanted physically and mentally so I was really happy when this lovely package from Nutribuddy arrived to kick start me back off on my health and fitness journey.


Time To Be At One

The past couple of weeks have been hectic, 3 birthdays and several blogger events all at once, no wonder I felt like I'd had no time off!! So when the email arrived in my inbox from the lovely Sophie at Be At One Liverpool inviting me to their Detox Masterclass, let's just say I was more than a little excited! Cocktails and some of my best blogger friends, what more does a girl need?!


Cake And Coffee At Patisserie Valerie

I mentioned at the start of this year that I want to start featuring more food related posts and videos on my blog and youtube channel. And here I am back with my first food related post courtesy of Patisserie Valerie in Liverpool!


Starting With The Basics: Urban Decay

Last year (how weird is it to say that?!) I attended a fabulous VIP event at the new Urban Decay store in Liverpool where I got the Ultimate Basics palette and fell in love! So I thought I would share this beautiful palette and some swatches with all you lovelies as I feel everyone needs a matte palette like this in their life!


Are Dodgy Diet Pills Really Worth Your Health?

It's January and with January comes the resolutions that loads of people (myself included) make with commitments to our health. Sometimes this also includes loosing weight and getting fit which should be gradual process in order to be safe, however not everyone takes this gradual approach and opt for aids to help them loss weight faster which can have dangerous repercussions to your health.


What I Got For Christmas

I've always loved reading these types of blog posts/watching these types of videos as I am the type of person that I hate when it comes to gift giving. I am always the person that doesn't know what I want/I always end up buying something I want for myself, so these type of blog posts are actually really helpful for giving myself gift ideas for myself as well as gift ideas for the loved ones in my life!


My Goals For 2017

Tomorrow is the last day of 2016 and it's the time of year to look back over the last year and to think about the next year to come. This year has been amazing and I feel like I accomplished so much over the year; I got my first staff nurse job in my dream hospital, I graduated from my undergraduate degree, I started as a nurse in critical care, I made some amazing friends through blogging, and I've been invited to some amazing events!