Getting Fit with GymCube ~ First Impressions

As most of you are probably aware I'm on a journey to become healthier and make better choices food and fitness wise. A part of that is to exercise more and hopefully loose a little bit of weight and get trim in the process! If you didn't know I am a student nurse with roughly 5 weeks left before I qualify as a registered nurse (well I have passed all my exams, I just need to 'pass' this final placement and then I will be a registered nurse), as a student nurse I work (yes it's work, I have my own patients like any other nurse!) 37.5 hours a week which means I am up at 5am and not back home till about 19.30 in the evening which makes getting to the gym quite challenging at times! So when the lovely Rick from GymCube got in touch offering me a 6-month membership to their online gym system I jumped at the chance!


Getting a tan with Madame LA LA

There is something you should know about me....I really struggle to get any sort of tan! I haven't sunbathed since about high school but when I do 'catch' the sun, I burn then go brown for less than a week and it all peels off! Over the years I have begun to come to terms with my paleness (that sounds really silly to say but I have!), however I've never really been able to like how pale my legs are when I wear skirts, dresses or shorts.


Lazy Day Essentials

Last month I got the rare chance to have a week off before I started my sign-off placement. Not going to lie to you guys I probably should have been prepping for my final placement & getting my blog posts and videos scheduled (I may have only been able to get a weeks worth scheduled because I enjoyed having some time to myself with no exams/essays/research to do). So I thought I would tell you all my lazy day essentials, sometimes I don't get the chance to have a full lazy day, sometimes just a lazy evening but these are my essentials when I have some time truly to myself.


Life Rambles ~ I started vlogging!

I think it's about time for another life rambles post. If any of you lovelies reading don't know about my YouTube channel, I recently ventured out into a new style of video that I am currently loving.............