Fleur De Force 'The Glam Guide' Book Review

I thought this week I would branch out my blog posts as I wanted to start including a couple of books, mainly because I used to be such a MASSIVE book worm when I was younger and I want to fall back in love with them! Now I know YouTuber books are in that kind of grey area as it seems like EVERYONE has or is bringing one out and it's just a case of waiting for the next one. However this was the first book I bought that was written by a YouTuber, mainly because it looked so pretty and Fleur De Force was one of the first YouTubers I ever watched when I first started watching videos. 

Liv Bloggers Ball

A couple of Sundays ago I got the chance to attend another Liverpool Bloggers event organised by the fabulous Steph Bewley. After attending the first event which was a cocktail making masterclass that you can read about here where I had such a great time, I was so excited to attend another event! In the run up to the day, I had found out that some of my favourite bloggers that I love to chat to online were coming to this one and I was so excited to meet everyone and catch up!


My B12 Deficiency

I decided that today I wanted to open up to all you lovelies about something I've struggled with for over 10 years! I have a pernicious anaemia which is also known as B12 deficiency and it is something I have really suffered from and unfortunately there is currently no cure so it is something I have had to adapt my life to.

Within the red blood cells in your body, you have 3 components that are essential to allow the RBC's to perform their main function of carrying oxygen around your body. One of these components is vitamin B12 or cobalamin (which you can actually find in a lot of meat, fish and dairy), once it's ingested it binds to an intrinsic factor which allows it to be digested within the intestine. Unfortunately for some people with pernicious anaemia their condition can actually be caused by their bodies inability to produce that factor, although for most people that suffer from PA the problem lies with their bodies actually producing anti-intrinsic factor antibodies which essentially kill off the intrinsic factors that the vitamin B12 need to bind to. Because our bodies cannot tell the difference between the healthy and unhealthy intrinsic factors, it is referred to as an autoimmune disorder as the body kills off all the cells of that type.


Making Desserts Healthy with Weight Watchers!

If you saw my post on my new years resolutions, you will know one of them was to start being healthier which includes healthy desserts/sweets for when I get a sweet craving. So when I found out Weight Watchers* had frozen desserts that were under 100 calories a pot, I had to try some out!!


Looking Flawless with Makeup Revolution!

I thought I would begin dipping my toes in beauty posts again and show you guys all swatches of my Makeup Revolution Ultra 32 eyeshadow palette in Flawless. Now Makeup Revolution has been a brand that I've followed on social media for ages and have just never gotten around to purchasing any of their products, I know bad blogger!!


Life With A Latex Allergy

Now I never normally tell many people and unless you have seen me medically, you probably don't know that a few years ago I actually found out that I have a latex allergy which yes is as painful and annoying as you could ever think it would be!! I thought I would share with you all what its like having a latex allergy and how a certain product I found has really helped me out personally.

A latex allergy is an allergic reaction which is a result of the protein content of natural rubber, also known as rubber latex. When someone with a latex allergy has an allergic reaction, it is very similar to the reaction of a nut allergy or the reaction that takes place in an asthma attack. Unfortunately you can develop a reaction immediately or the reaction can be slightly delayed, the symptoms of reaction can vary per person but can be anything from severe itching and a hive like rash to full anaphylactic shock. If you didn't know latex is the substance that makes an item so elastic, meaning the stretchier something is the higher the risk I have a bigger reaction to it (think balloons and gloves that nurses wear), whereas I'm less likely to have a reaction to something more solid (like a car tyre).


NWmeet 2.0

Last week I got the chance to attend another one of Katy's AMAZING events, I attended her last event in September last year which you can read here. This event was great because it was in Ameriesko a local coffee shop in Liverpool city centre that I have recently fallen in love with.


Met Gala 2016 ~ Best and Worst

So like everyone else yesterday morning, I woke up and checked what everyone wore for the Met gala. I was really surprised with the dresses I loved and the people I expected to absolutely kill it and didn't quite! I will say my 'worst' outfits aren't necessarily horrible but it's people who I expected them to do more/better with their outfit. Here's my best and worst from the 2016 Met gala...


Claire Danes
This has got to be the most beautiful dress I saw from the Met gala, she absolutely killed it! Claire Danes was the most talked about celeb when I was looking at everyone's outfits and I can totally see why. Zac Posen totally out did himself, whilst turning the brief into an amazing creation. Even not lit up Claire looks stunning, totally princess worthy!