My Boohoo Wishlist

I'm not going to lie sometimes I am a really bad blogger and instead of being really put together and thinking about what I put on, I literally just throw whatever clothes may be the comfiest/warmest! However lately that's all begun to change, I don't know if it's because spring and summer are coming or if something in my brain has changed but I've become much more interested in what I wear and how I put my outfits together.

That being said with me being a student with a broken car, buying new stuff constantly is a no go! However I've loved online mooching (it's my online version of going for a mooch round the shops) and making mini wishlists of things I'd love to I thought I would show you all my current loves from my online mooch!!



So that time of year has come.....

My degree is quickly coming to a close.....

And I've got to start attending interviews.....

I thought I could do a little post telling you all some tips and tricks I have picked up along the way on how to deal with interviews and the stress that can come along with them.


Ameriesko's ~ Coffee & Cake

Last week the lovely people at Ameriesko's invited me to come and check out their recently launched cafe on Bold Street in Liverpool that has taken over the spot the Central Perk, Friends themed cafe once stood. If you love independent coffee shops with American tv shows and decor, you need to get your butt down there!!


My Primark Goodies

I may or may not have been shopping last week with my mother and made a couple of sneaky purchases whilst I was out, so I thought I would do a quick little Primark haul. One of my secret guilty pleasures is that I love watching Primark hauls on YouTube to see all of the lovely goodies that are coming out.....anyone else with me?!! 

For the past 3 months I have been lusting after ripped/distressed skinny jeans, so I thought I would try and find a cute pair whilst I was in Primark and luckily I managed to find these babies for £15 . These actually come with a panel behind the rips so they help to keep your legs warm and you also don't have to worry about shaving/false tanning that area (I have VERY pale legs). I also ventured into the world of Primark's over sized boyfriend style t-shirts which I have fallen in love with. I picked up this v-necked striped version with rolled sleeves and I already want so many others. This baby was only £5, such a bargain and it is SUPER soft!!


Asthma & Milk?!!

For anyone that doesn't know me personally or hasn't read the facts in my about me section, I have had asthma for as long as I remember. I was diagnosed with asthma way back in primary school, after I had ran to pick something I'd dropped and had to run to back to catch up with my mum. In the 10+ years since I suffered from asthma I've had good days and bad bays, so when Nell's Dairy got in touch asking me to take part in a case study they are running to see whether incorporating whole organic Guernsey milk into my daily diet can help improve asthma symptoms, I jumped at the chance! 


Karma never looked so pretty!

Last week a beautiful package arrived at my door, to my great joy it was my necklace from Teardrop Designs, so I thought I'd introduce all of my lovely readers to Beckie and her wonderful jewellery.

Teardrop Designs was started by the lovely Beckie back in 2013 after she had searched high and low for a beautiful meaningful gift for a friend and had no luck! After growing in popularity for her handmade jewellery from her friends and family, she started selling these handmade jewels and thus Teardrop Designs was born and she now has her own website where you can buy these lovelies!


Let's talk about skincare ~ April 2016

I thought it was about time to show you all my skincare routine. This is what I've been using at the moment which seems to be working for me. I am still hunting for my perfect products and routine, so whenever something runs out (say face wash) I tend to pick up something I've heard rave reviews about.