Time Management Tips

A couple of weeks ago I posted a 50 facts about me video on my Youtube channel (which you can find here), in it I mentioned that my motivation can be on fire one day and can have vacated the premise the next day so I thought I would tell you all my tips and tricks for time management and how I get the most out of my days (even when I want to be a sloth and lay in bed with netflix ALL day!!). This could also be useful for healthcare professionals as some of these tips can carry over professionally!


My Everyday Makeup

I don't think I've ever shown all you lovelies what I wear on my face on a daily basis. Plus lately I've been wanting to dip my blogger feet more into beauty/makeup type posts cause I love doing them, so what a perfect way to set it off than showing you all my everyday makeup routine.

Now I'm not going to lie, if I'm not leaving the house I'm not going to be doing my makeup and if I am literally nipping out for bread or milk I won't either as I try and give myself as many makeup free days as I can to give my skin a chance to breathe. However when I do I tend to wear pretty much the same thing on my face every single time I do my makeup.


Oka-B Shoes & Glow Hush Candles.....Oh My!

I got the chance last week to meet the lovely Fiona behind Oka-B shoes in Unit 51 Coffee Bar which is located in the Baltic Creative for a little event she was having to introduce everyone to reflexology and the god send which is Oka-B shoes. If you've been living under a rock and have never heard of Oka-B shoes, let me educate you on the best thing you will put on your puppies and believe me they will be singing your praises after just spending one day in them!

Oka-B began in spas in America (and you can still find them in spas to this day) with their flip flops and sliders with the reflexology soles. All of their shoes have one main principle behind them.....to look great with every outfit and feel great with every step. They do everything from flip flops to ballet flats and wedges, all made from up to 25% recycled materials. All of their shoes have a one-piece construction making them extremely hard for them to break whilst giving you maximum comfort. And if you do happen to accidentally break them or they get completely trashed, you get a 2 year guarantee for a new pair, also once you're completely finished with them you can either put them in your recycle bin or send them back to the company (if you live in America).


How I Cope On Nights ~ Tips & Tricks

As a student nurse I do the exact same shifts as registered nurses, this includes night shifts.....yep we do 12 hour night shifts. I'm not going to lie to you and say nights are super easy and I've never had a issue with them, they are definitely challenging and take some getting used to. So I thought I would share with you all some tips and tricks I've discovered over my 3 years of placement to help me deal with night shifts!


Life Rambles ~ Band 5 Job Hunting, Quality Improvement Projects & Results Day

I can't believe it's gotten to that time of year already, is anyone else with me thinking that this year is going by super fast?!! I'm terrified to think that in 7 months I'll be finished with my degree and hopefully starting my band 5 post.

With all of that comes the job hunting and interviews......I'm currently in the process of trying to write my application for NHS jobs, which if you don't know is kind of like re-doing your application for university all over again but more so! Thankfully my lecturers in university are really really helpful with the area where we write our supporting evidence in our applications. It's strange, terrifying and exciting to think I'll be applying for first job as a registered nurse, however as strange as it is to say this....I think I might be ready! My latest placement has been in critical care which has meant the nurse:patient ratio is 1:2, so practically every shift I have taken my own patient and done pretty much everything myself with my mentor just overshadowing and making sure everything is done correctly and as it should. Having my own patients has definitely made me feel more confident for my final placement.