CoLab Dry Shampoo....My New godsend!

I was actually planning to write a different blog post this week but I felt that I needed to impart this little nugget to anyone that will listen! Last week I ran out of my old faithful Batiste dry shampoo and remembered that Ruth Crilly had just released her new range of dry shampoos. 


Time To Become A Bookworm

This is a really quick blog post as I got a delivery with some new nurse-y books. 


Breville Blend Active Personal Blender Review & My Favourite Smoothies

Back in August I bought the Breville blend active personal blender and since starting uni I have become obsessed with using this blender. I definitely find it so quick and easy in the morning especially when I'm bleary eyed and falling asleep into my coffee!

I thought for this post I would list my top recipes and uses for this handy blender, as well as my thoughts on it. First I think this little magic system needs a bit of praise, this little bargain only cost me £20 on offer in Asda but normally it only costs £29.50 so it's not particularly braking the bank if your a student compared to other brands where you can put down close to £100 for a very similar system. The box itself only contains the base unit, two 600ml bottles which I love the shape of as they fit perfectly in many different bags and lunchboxes and then the blade lid. 


On Fridays We Wear Tartan...

Yes for you chick flick buffs that is a thinly veiled reference to Mean Girls. This week has been my first week as a second year nursing student, while it's nice to be back the weather hasn't been the best!! However I am very excited that we are starting to get the autumn-y/winter weather, my favourite time of year! (Please excuse the photos this week I've got an tripod but need to get plate to hold my camera on the top, so these have been taken in my small full length mirror and on my iphone)