North West Student Nurse Conference 2014

So at the beginning of September my university got the pleasure of hosting the North West Student Nurse Conference for 2014! Each year a different university in the north west with a nursing degree program get to organise a conference, very similar to the RCN congress.


Staying organised as a student nurse ~ Tips and Tricks

So I am currently writing this tucked up in bed cause I managed to get the flu, so I am currently writing this with flu brain (yes that's a real thing and if it's not I'm making it one!). When I was writing my post last week about my experiences in my first year, I mentioned how hectic your life can become when your training so I thought only fair to give you some tips and tricks to help combat it. 


Becoming a nurse isn't all smooth sailing ~ Year 1 Experiences

For the past year I have been studying to become a nurse at a red brick university in the north west. Now whilst some people may say it's a doddle, it can be quite challenging at times. 


New Year... New Stationary

Hey guys,

So it's come to that time of year again......

.......New Stationary.

Yes I sadly am the type of person that gets excited about buying new stationary, come on we all know I'm not the only person that's like this! Now onto the good stuff....

So I haven't bought that much stationary for my second year of university as last year I bought things like my folders (Staples Better Binders - the best binders I've ever found), notebooks, dividers, pens, highlighters and paper. This year I just bought some top-up things.